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Python for beginners

Learn Python easily from the beginning. Even if you have zero knowledge of programming!

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What you will learn

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1 sections • 6 lectures • 00h 26m total length
Importance of learning programming

Before starting the course, you may wonter about why you are doing this course and what is the benefit of learning programming.

In this class I've talked about why one shoud learn programming. Thank you.

Why learn Python

You might be wondering, there are many programming languages. So why are we learning Python?

Well, In this lecture I have discussed about, why we should learn Python..

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How to set up Python

In this lecture I will show you, how you can set up Python in your Computer.

I hope you will enjoy this video.

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Variables in Python

In this tutorial I will discuss about a fundamental consept of programmin which is called variables.

I hope you will enjoy this tutorial, Thank you.

User Interaction Using Python

In this lecture we will learn about how python interects with an user and takes inputes from a user.

I hope you will enjoy this lecture.

Simple calculation using Python

In this tutorial I will show you, How you can do a simple calculation using Python.

I hope you will enjoy this video.



  • Basic computer configuration


We have designed this python programming course for beginners only who have zero knowledge in programming or would like to start a programming career.

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