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Extra earning online

Amar Coach invites individuals to become an instructor through offering their intensive experience in the related fields. Amar coach promotes free learning. But if any individual intends to earn through providing coaching in any field Amar Coach has a unique payment method for both the trainee and the trainers. The price of each module or episode or course or chapter or batch is determined by the

Best sales training platform

Amar Coach is the best-proven platform for sales training in many fields and industries. Different sales training is applicable for different industries and different people. So Amar Coach carefully designed all of its sales courses according to experience level, industry, and products. Sales Mastery, FMCG Sales Training, 10 Tips to become a successful salesman, 10 best selling habits, Top 10 sel

Marketing ABC

Marketing is a vast chapter in the real-world and without marketing, nothing is visible, touchable, buyable, and peaceable. When the term marketing comes into our minds, we sometimes dilute it with either sales or promotion. But marketing’s reach around our life is much bigger and greater. What we see, how we react, what to buy, and what to choose everything are determined by marketing. Amar

How to become a creative designer

Do you want to learn creative design? Are you new? Amar Coach full courses on Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe XD will help you to become professional in these fields. Amar Coach guides you step by step learning from zero knowledge in designing. After finishing all the courses you will become a professional designer and you can start earning money even in just 3 months. So if you wan

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